A Dose Of Reality

Let me give you a dose of reality when it comes to creating a presentation that sells.

Getting a template to create a presentation and learn how to use it, is only one of the factors when it comes to a making a successful pitch. Yeah, it’s important but there are two other factors that play as much of a role.

  1. The makeup of your audience. You can have the best pitch on the planet but if you’re in front of the wrong audience, you will bomb. Even the best presenters will struggle if what they’re talking about and what they’re selling doesn’t resonate with the audience.

    Trying to convert a die-hard Democrat to vote Republican is a fools game. Far better you get in front of an audience of Republicans and ensure they vote and also get in front of a group of undecideds and persuade them to vote for you.

  2. Your delivery. This is where almost all newbies fall short. They get all excited because they get the magic template from the guru Du Jour and think they’re going to “crush it” only to fall flat on their face.  The way you present is as important as what you present.

    For example, later this month I am doing my mentalism show at the Palms Casino and resort. I haven’t done a theater show in a couple years so my practice is not only around the mechanics of my performance but of the delivery of my performance. I can do the show technically well but can still bomb if my presentation isn’t spot on.

Learning how to present is mission critical. Tomorrow, I’m going to reveal a presentation strategy I learned from Tony Robbins. It’s cool.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee

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