Dr. Phil Lovers Unite!

It seems like I’ve perturbed a number of subscribers with some of my emails over the past couple weeks

Yesterday, a dude emailed me to tell me I was wrong about Dr. Phil and that psychiatrists are quacks. Hey, man, the email wasn’t about Dr. Phil – it was a lesson in sales and marketing positioning but take from it what you desire.

One of my LONG time subscribers and customers disagreed vehemently about my take on the folks protesting for an insane minimum wage. He told me he was once poor and not is making more money than he could ever have imagined, in great part to what he has learned from me. He tried to explain that some people are poor and need help.

If you read my message again, you will see that I said that there certainly are  people who need a helping hand and in fact, my wife and I put a percentage of every penny we earn into a “giving account” for that very purpose.

BUT, dude, YOU didn’t turn your life around by protesting and demanding more money. 

You did it by learning, personal development and by taking action. Additionally, why should a business owner be FORCED to pay more than a job is worth or more than he can afford? The biz owner is taking all the risk and is not obligated to pay a “living wage” for a minimum wage job.

Instead of folks protesting, those you can should work on becoming more valuable to the marketplace.

My email about the HBO documentary on Scientology also caused some controversy. I received an email from a dear friend and someone whom I totally respect, who told me he was a Scientologist and that it has been a blessing for him and his family. Another Scientologist sent me a ton links to articles refuting the HBO documentary about the religion. 

I am sincerely happy that Scientology works for thousands of people and I totally respect anyone who stands up and defends their religion. But don’t miss the fact that the email contained dynamite info on how to create a following.

Which brings me to the point of this email:

You need to put your personality into your marketing and sales presentations. You want to get an emotional response. Sometimes that response will be positive, sometimes it will be negative. The worse response though, is one of apathy.

Your best sales presentations will include personal stories tied to lessons your audience can take with them and that move the sale forward.

To learn more about how to add personality to your marketing and to increase your sales, go here.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee

P.S. Yep, good ole Dave reads all the emails he gets. It’s impossible for me to give everyone a personal response but I do enjoy hearing what you think. I also get a bunch of emails for free advice. Don’t enjoy those so much.