IF you’re willing to do THIS, you will sell more

I’m in a secret revealing mood this week.

Yesterday, I talked about the persuasive power of movement. Today, I’m going to let you in on a powerful strategy that, if you’re willing to use it, and some people won’t, will increase your sales.

A secret to selling more in webinars, livecasts or platform presentations is vulnerability.

You want to open up to your audience and let them know who you really are. Let them know about your struggles, your failures and your heartache. Doing so builds rapport, trust and connection.

When I tell the story about my wife  having to work  two jobs, one as a special ed teacher and then as a cashier at Target,  the audience can feel the pain that caused me because I relive that pain every time I tell the story. Then, when I talk about my incredible transformation that allowed her to quit both her jobs and become a stay at home mom, my audience feels my happiness and relates to me.  They connect with me. I am a real person.

My marketing mentor, Dan Kennedy, talks about how he went bankrupt and how he is an alcoholic. His audiences relate to him and trust him more. They connect with him because he’s let them in.

Now, a word of warning:

Don’t fake it.

I’ve seen so many presenters tell and obviously made up, or at least greatly “enhanced” story designed to create false empathy. In most cases it falls flat. In all cases it’s deceitful.

What I’m talking about is actually being vulnerable. Really letting your audience in. Really letting them know who you are.

Sure, it’s not easy but it’s powerful and will help you close more sales and create a bond with your customers.

Will you do it?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Vulnerable” Dee