The latest ninja NLP trick B.S.

Ninja trick this. Ninja strategy that.

“Discover the newest NLP mind-hacking secret.”

Yeah, right.

Listen, kemosabe. I’ve studied all of that stuff. I’ve used NLP, taught NLP and have found a handful of NLP strategies that actually work.

But here’s the truth:

You really don’t need any of them. Sure, they’re cool but success comes down to mastering the fundamentals. I would venture to say that most folks haven’t even come close to doing that and yet they are running off to learn “advanced” secrets.

Do you want to have a successful online event? Check off all of these boxes:

  • You are the real deal and can really help someone get the result they desire.
  • You have a plethora of proof that the above is actually true.
  • You have a precise message to market match.
  • You have a rock solid presentation.
  • You have structured your online event properly.
  • You have rehearsed your presentation so it goes smoothly.
  • You have strong marketing to get people to register for your event.
  • You have strategy for getting people who registered to show up for the event.
  • You have tested all the tech to make sure it is working properly.

If that is all you did and did it well, you would rock it…without any super-secret ninja tactics.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Fundamentals Are The Secret” Dee