This KILLS Your Success… (A rant)

I'm about to conduct my Platinum InfoMarketing mastermind meeting but wanted to talk to you about something that kills entrepreneurial success. 

It's the dreaded… "Yeah but Dave, that won't work because my business is different." "I can't do webinars because…" "I can't to teleseminars in my business because…" "Doing a seminar or workshop won't fly because…"

Blah, Blah, Blah.

The laziest form of thought is to hear a new idea and immediately dismiss it. Failures think, "That won't work for me." Successful people think, "HOW can I make that work for me."

And as far as selling one to many goes, virtually EVERY business should be doing it one form or another. Why wouldn't you want to figure out how to do it? 

Heck, there are entrepreneurs who think direct response marketing won't work for them! (Get this book and learn what you need to know to put direct response to work for you and blow by your competition.)

The next time you hear something new or different than what's being done in your industry – think about how you can apply it. That's where you're biggest breakthroughs will come.

Off to my meeting.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero

Dave "I'm A Bit Ornery" Dee