Six Figure Words of Wisdom From Dave Dee

The Platinum Infomarketing mastermind meeting I'm conducting is rocking. Not only did we have a killer five course tasting menu with wine pairings for dinner but my members are crushing it with their businesses.

One dude, Larry, added a an EXTRA $100,00 from one piece of advice I gave him at the previous meeting. Wanna know what it is, kemosabe?

​Thought so. Here 'tis…

Add membership levels to what you're selling. He went from offering one low price membership to adding three more levels including one really high level. 

The bad news?

No one took the highest level.

The good news?

A whole bunch of folks upgraded their membership to higher levels. SA-WEET.

When selling. if you add different packages including one big package, you will almost always sell more. And here's the cool thing:

It doesn't matter if you every sell the top level package because just having it will help you sell the other levels because of comparison. 

You should almost always offer multiple packages. At the very least, an A/B offer.

How are you going to implement what I just told ya?

Tomorrow I'm going to give you the three step formula for riches. It's the same one I wrote on the flip chart earlier today.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Package Selling Rocks" Dee

P.S. Did you get a copy of this book I recommended yesterday? If you want to leave your competitors scratching their heads wondering how you left them is the dust, grab a copy pronto.