I won a bet I didn’t know I made

Heather owes me…What it is, I don’t know…But she needs to pay off on a bet I won. The problemo is that she only made the bet with me in her mind. Let me ‘splain.

At the last coaching meeting, I taught the members how to write emails and the power of sending a daily email. (I learned this from my friend Matt Furey and it was reinforced by email master Ben Settle.)

Anyway, Heather thought I was dead wrong and my strategies wouldn’t work in her market – Physical Therapy. She wanted to prove that Dr. Dee was incorrect and decided to test it out. Guess what?

Every time she sent out an email she got a new patient or reactivated a past patient. Boom!

Here’s the point: She didn’t hear my advice, take notes on and never act on it. She took notes and then put them into action and is reaping the benefits.

As I said last night from my bed, spend less time edumacating yourself and more time implementing what you learn. Your sales will naturally go up.

If you’re good at taking advice and then implementing it (or getting someone to implement it for you), you should apply to have a consulting day with me. If you’re interested, shoot me an email. Just don’t make a bet with me.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Winner” Dee