Whoa there, Nelly! We need to step on the brakes.

Let’s take a half-step back before I continue telling you a you my process for creating an online event – in real time.

The reason for stepping on the brakes a wee bit is I wouldn’t be able to what I’m doing now to create the online livecast unless I had already had this important piece to the online event puzzle in place:

The order form.

Yep, I always start by creating the order form in full before I start creating the presentation because it tells me what I need to put into the presentation. Let me ‘splain…

I call the type or order form I create and “order form on steroids.” You might want to think of it as a mini-sales letter. Printed out, it would be around four-pages.

Creating a killer order form is a lost art. Most marketers today just don’t get it and don’t spend any time on it. But, it is mission critical.

Your order form needs to tell your potential buyer what they will be receiving when the buy your product or service. I’m not talking merely about what they get but rather the benefits the receive and the transformation they will experience from buying your product or service.

In essence, your order form not only reitterates the complete offer, it resells the offer.

In fact, your order form should be so persuasive that someone just reading that would be sold on buying what you’re selling.

Burn this into your brain though…

Towards the top of your order form, you want to have a link that people can click to order immediately. You will have people are hot to buy immediately after watching your presentation. Let them! Remember though, a whole bunch of other folks are completely sold yet. Your form will help close that sale.

Back to where we started this little tale.

Because the order form completely describes my offer from soup to nuts, I now know what I’m selling and because I know precisely what I’m selling, I can build an online presentation to sell it.

So today, I’m going to work on the close to my presentation. Yes, after creating the order form, the next thing you do is create the close.

Begin with the end in mind, kemosabe.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Order Form King” DEE