What I despise with a passion…

Let me tell you what I despise with a passion…

Hypy salespeople and, more specifically, hypy platform salespeople. 

You know the character I'm talking about. He tries to get the crowd all pumped up by asking inane questions that force their audience to answer in the affirmative. Or the guy that stands on the chair in the back to continue pitching. Or worse, the guy who continues selling in the hallway during another speaker's presentation.

That kind of stuff makes me want to barf and it gives what we do a very used car salesman type of feel.

"Yes, Dave but I've seen a lot of platform salespeople do that and it sure looks like they're selling a bunch of stuff,"you might be saying. 'Tis true that the techniques work in SOME sales situations. 

The question is, do you really want to be that guy?

The other problemo is the hypy dude often gets a ton of returns. Sure, you can get your audience all riled-up and manipulate them into buying but what happens when the hype wears off? Returnaroonies, come pouring in.

But beyond that, it really comes down to who you want to be.

What if you could get amazing results without looking like a clown or a snake-oil salesman? Why wouldn't you want that?

Well, mi amigo, that's exactly what I teach in my soon* to released Presentation Mastery course. You're gonna dig it. Stay tuned.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee

*By "soon" I mean within the next couple months. Until then, you should be building your list of leads and prospects. Here's a webinar that'll show you how to do it.