We interrupt this program…

Yesterday, I promised to tell you how to not project neediness even if you really do need to make a sale. 

Well, I'm in Chicago on a brief break from conducting a two-day GKIC Fast Start Implementation Bootcamp. I've been on the stage since 8:00 and I am fried, mi amigo. So I'm going to write about that important subject tomorrow.

While doing the bootcamp, I mentioned more than once how the late Jim Rohn positively impacted my life. Heck, just the title of his program, "Take Charge Of Your Life" got me headed in the right directlon.

Here is a video of one of Mr. Rohn's teachings that set me straight. I know you'll enjoy it.

Talk tomorrow.

Kick butt, make much DEEnero!

Dave "One Tired Puppy" Dee