Uh, oh Master Dee is going all political on you

The last time I sent a pro-conservative email, I got some backlash including one dude who told me I was an idiot.

‘Twas kind of fun.

Anyway, you can take what I’m about to say as political but it’s really not. It’s really about a solid principle. But, I’m find with some “Trump Sucks and So Do You” emails as well.

Earlier in the week Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, made an idiotic comment about Hitler, that nutcase Assad and chemical weapons. He shouldn’t have said and he knew it.

Yesterday he was on TV making taking full responsibility for what he said. No excuses. No hemming and hawing. Just a heartfelt, unadulterated apology.

Listen, we’ve all said things we wish we hadn’t. This guy just said something stupid on the national stage.

So here is the point:

When we screw-up in business, we just need to admit and apologize. No excuses. No the “dog ate my homework” story. Just a “I messed up and I’m sorry.”

Fortunately, I never make any errors so we’re all good there. (HA!)

In all seriousness, until we take total responsibility for where we are in our business, we give up our power to make powerful changes.

Speaking of powerful changes…

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But go soon. The clock is literally ticking.

Dave “Mr. Political” Dee