My very ugly experience this weekend (A Dumbass Dave story)

I have a confession to make and it’s embarrassing so let’s get right to it.

On Saturday, I flew into St. Louis, MO to speak at Dr. Dustin Burleson’s seminar for orthodontists. Even though my flight was delayed by two hours, I still arrived in plenty of time to do my show at 7:00 p.m. (When I speak at an event, I will often do my “Theater of The Mind” show the night before.)

I use my trusty Uber app to summon a car and I see that it’s going to cost me $1,118 to get to the hotel! Huh? My phone must be reading my location incorrectly but I try it again with the same result. I double check the hotel address and then it hits me like a ton of bricks.

I am supposed to be in Kansas City, MO not St. Louis, MO. I booked the wrong flight.

Now, I am stressed because it’s 239 miles from where I am to where I need to be. Feeling like a dumbass, I see if there is a flight I can take that will get me there on time. Nope. I think about flying private. Nope can’t do it on short notice. Uber? Actually no driver in sight who wants to make that trip.

I hop on the first rental car shuttle I  see and quickly rent a car. Feeling like a fool, I  text the meeting organizer letting her know the odds of me being on stage at 7 are slim. I have NEVER missed a show and I feel just terrible.

The GPS tells me that I will arrive in fours hours at 6:50 but then a huge thunder and lightning storm hits. Traffic is at  standstill because you can barely see the car in front of you. Fortunately, it clears and I am on my way.

I drive and drive and drive and and I’m constantly checking my ETA. As I get closer, the GPS says I will be there at 6:45.  And sure enough, after just under four hours of stressful driving and a long day, I arrive at the hotel. I leave my car at valet and I’m whisked off to my room bypassing check in.

I quickly take off my travel clothes put on my suit, put what I need for my show in my pockets and off to the show I go. (Fortunately I do a mind reading show, so I don’t have a lot of “props” to carry like a magician would.)

At 7:00 p.m. on the nose, I am ready to start. I take a second to focus my mind and energy and I hit the stage and KILL it. I put on a stellar performance that perfectly sets up my presentation in the morning.

I left the stage and had a couple beers and cognac to end a very stressful and but successful day.

Of course, the next day I rocked the house closing nearly 100% of the folks in the room. No joke, I closed just a tick under 100% and walked out with a pile o cash.

If you’re not closing like a rockstar, I’m the best on the planet to help you fix that problem. I have one spot left open for the private, two-day event I’m having at my house where we’re going to focus on one thing — increasing your sales and profits. It’s not cheap. 5K is the investment but it’s chicken feed compared with the results you’ll see in your bank account.

Email me at if you want details.

Just don’t ask me to make your plane reservations.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “A Travel Agent I’m Not” Dee