Why typos and spelling errors with make you mone

Yesterday, I told you about my how my magic rabbit biting the crap out of me caused me to get into the information marketing biz. (If you didn’t read it, do so now here.)

Anyway, I placed an $65 lead generation ad in Magic Magazine which advertised a free report about how to make six figures as a magician. To get a copy of the report, you had to call a toll free recorded message hotline and leave your contact info.

People immediately started calling requesting the report. The problem was there was no report and I was crazy-busy with my day job doing gigs.

But since people were requesting it, I had to get it done so after a long day of shows, I went into my home office and banged out a report/sales letter on my trusty typewriter. That’s right, a TYPEWRITER.

If I made a mistake, and I made many, I had to use whiteout and I used a LOT of it. This sales letter was a mess. It had typos and misspellings galore. But  good enough was good enough and so I went down to my local Kinkos, made some copies and dropped those letters in the mail.

Lo and behold, a few days later, this dude calls me up on my home phone and says, “Yeah, I got your letter and I want to order your marketing program.”

I could not believe it.

“Sure,” I said. “I won’t charge your credit card until the product is ready to ship.”

Two problemos. I didn’t have a merchant account to process credit cards and I had no product.

Then the phone rang again and again and again. Orders were flying in and good ole Dave had to get moving and create the product people wanted to buy.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you how I created the product AND layout a model for you to get started in the info biz or launch your new product.

But if you want to get the details about how to profit from your own information marketing biz or get your current one producing six figures net, join me for a special, free webcast I’m doing.

Get the webcast details and register here.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Typo King” Dee