Trump vs. Clinton. Really? Really?

The day is upon here in the States. It’s time to elect a new president.

There certainly is passion and tension of each side of the aisle but for the majority of people I talk to the feeling is of disbelief.

Are these the two best candidates our great country could produce?

What happened to the likes of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Reagan?

It seems like we might have slipped a little bit and there are a lot of really people worried about it.

Hey, I’m not saying that who is elected isn’t important but it isn’t that important when it comes to your personal success.

Sure, a bad president can make it more difficult for you to succeed depending what your business is however, in every economy, with Democrats or Republicans in charge, there are always people who do well and others who struggle,

It’s going to be pretty much the same regardless of who is elected to the highest office in the land today.

The key to your business success is not dependent on Clinton or Trump. And isn’t that good news.

The keys to your success come down to YOU. To YOUR mindset. To YOUR marketing skills. To YOUR ability to close sales. To YOU delivering a quality product or service that delivers exceptional results for your customers.

So definitely cast your vote today but then get  back to working on your business. Get back to improving your skills. Get back to serving your customers . Get better at what you do, how you market it and how you sell.

Do that consistently and your next four years will be amazing…regardless of who is sitting in the oval office.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Going To Vote Now” Dee

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