A true story with a mega important lesson

There once was this dude who was struggling. He was deep in debt and his business was going nowhere.

Every morning he would wake up from a restless sleep and immediately go into stress mode. He didn’t know what to do but he knew he needed to turn things around and do so quickly.

He was really good at playing the blame game. He blamed everyone under the sun for his lack of success but he knew deep down that he was the problem.

This dude would work every day on getting better at his craft. He figured the better he got at delivering his service, the more people would want to hire him. Plus, practicing his craft was safe and fun. There was no rejection, no failure but, of course, no money.

He listened to motivational programs, had lots of notes and wrote a lot of goals but nothing was working. Although he tried to stay positive and motivated, it was difficult because he was constantly struggling and in fear.

Then, one day, he heard something that would forever alter his destiny. These words of wisdom cut through everything and made it crystal clear why he had been struggling for so long. Here’s what he heard:

“It’s more important to be a master marketer than it is to be a master of your craft.”

Those words of wisdom, that hit him like a ton of bricks, came from his soon to be marketing mentor, Dan Kennedy.

This young man took them to heart and took action by investing in a marketing program – even though he didn’t think he had the money.

When it arrived he tore it open, locked himself in a room and absorbed all of it. Then, he did something that most people don’t do – he took massive action. He did everything he could with what he had.

Results came slowly at first and there were many failures but he kept at it. Success momentum soon took over and in a mere 90 days, he had increased his business by at least 10 times. And it just got better and better from there.

I know this story is true because this is MY story.


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Dave “True Story” Dee