Time to break out your Quill Pen

Most speakers, business owners and entrepreneurs who do sales presentations at workshops, meetings, seminars or online, don't want to do this but all should.

And that is script out their presentation.

Winging it doesn't cut the mustard, Bubba. You need to plan, write, practice, rewrite and then rehearse. That is, if you want to be a pro and sell a lot.

This week I'm going to be knee deep in scripting four videos for a big fall launch GKIC is doing. I estimate it's going to take me two and a half days of intense effort to get it done and that does not include any rewrites. 

So what el gringo, Dave is going to do for you is take you through my process in real time.

Before we get into what I'm doing today, let me tell you what's already been done…

First, we decided on what product we were going to sell. This is not as easy as it seems because it needs to appeal to a lot of different types of buyers. If you sell to a niche, you won't have this problemo.

Second, I like to come up with a unifying theme for the four videos. Most folks who launch products don't do that. They plan four videos based on a formula and then shoot them against a backdrop. There's nothing wrong with that but I don't like to do things the same way everyone else does 'em. I like my launch video series to tell an entertaining story. (A huge tip was just revealed, in case you didn't catch it.)

Now that I have those preliminary steps completed, I begin the scripting process.

Today, I will spend approximately two hours going through the product once again AND going through any sales material that was created. (We're launching a video based product based on a seminar that was previously sold so I do have sales materials to look at.)

Next, I will outline the narrative of each of the four videos and determine what I want each of the videos to accomplish. This includes the big idea I want the viewer to walk away with after watching each video, the teaching segments for each video, the emotional response I want the viewer to experience from each of the videos, etc.

Then, I will get to writing the script for video #1 including the director's notes.

You might be thinking, "But how does this apply to me? I don't do launches." It doesn't matter, mi amigo. Whenever you do a presentation, you should think of it as putting on a show. And if you're doing a show, you need a script.

Do that and you too will create your own buying frenzies.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "I actually use a computer not a quill" Dee

P.S. Oh, there is one other thing you need to create a buying frenzy. A 'ho bunch of good prospects to present to. This free mind map will help you to that. Check it out.