This is what it’s all about, Alfie

Many people are confused about this and because of their confusion, they get lousy results when they do a presentation.

Before I tell you what it’s all about, let me tell you what it’s not about.

It’s not about entertaining your audience. Although that is mission critical.

It’s not about getting a standing ovation. In some cases that is deadly. In other cases, it’s a side benefit.

It’s not about teaching. Although giving useful information in a way that people can understand is important.

It’s not about feeding your ego. Some speaker’s dig the audiences adulation.

It’s not about impressing your audience with your knowledge. That can backfire.

No, Kemosabe, it’s about…


Selling your ideas. Selling your products or services. Selling your philosophy. Selling your audience on your solution to their problems. Selling them on getting what they want, need and desire from you.

Yes, it’s all about selling.

Tomorrow, I will tell you the biggest sale you need to make in almost every presentation you do you do…and it has NOTHING to do and EVERYTHING to do with selling your product or service.

’til then…

Kick but, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Old Song Reference” Dee