This is stupid simple

I kind of like the dog I inherited when I got married but man oh man, she is the worst type of salesperson.

Ginger is a pest – always around, always begging for a treat, always wanting to go outside, always wanting to be petted…always wanting something.

A lot of salespeople are like this. They have been taught that persistence is the key to their success. And while follow-up is important there is a cool way to do it so you’re not a pest.

If, with every follow-up, you are simply asking for a sale, you are put into the pest category. The best follow-up is when you bring value to your prospect. Value can be given in many ways such as with new, information or with something creative and entertaining.

In a previous blog post, I talked about how my dogs vet sends us the same annoying postcard every couple of weeks telling us that Ginger needs to have her teeth cleaned. My wife is so pissed-off that she wants to change vets. Their strategy of following up is correct. Their execution sucks.

They could send e an article about the importance of getting the dog’s teeth cleaned one month, a funny giant postcard of a dog with a big-ass smile because his teeth was cleaned the next month, a gigantic toothbrush with a letter the following month, etc.

You don’t want to be a wimpy salesperson who crumbles and slinks away at the first “no.” You definitely want to be persistent and follow-up. Just be an annoying pest about it.

Gotta run. Ginger is barking at someone at the front door.

Dave “Don’t Fully Understand The Dog Thing” Dee

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