This is CRAZY (Photo Enclosed)

Yesterday, my wife Karen was looking through an old photo album of hers. She excitedly came down the stairs and showed me the following picture:

She asked, "Is that you doing a magic show?"


It was me and it turns out that my little helper is her son Jake when he was five years old. Jake is now 20 and my stepson! 

Karen had watched me perform and I "knew" Jake before my biological kids were even born.

Pretty freaky, eh?

I marketed my show a lot in the area where Karen used to live because it was affluent. Even back then, I understood that I could get higher fees from people who could afford to pay higher fees. 

I wanted to be the go to birthday party magician for the affluent so I could be the highest paid.

Here's the thing: I was delivering the same show I did when I was selling to less affluent clientele and getting a smaller fee.  

My deliverable remained the same, I simply changed my target market and, as a result, made more money. 

I remember one affluent mom who hired me talking to another saying, "Dave Dee is the most expensive magician in Atlanta." She acted like she was shocked at my fee but she was really bragging to her friend that she got the most expensive entertainer for her party. Of course, that made the other mom want to hire me too.

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Make it a great weekend and as always…

Kick butt and make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Red Suspenders" Dee

P.S. If you celebrate, I wish you a Happy Easter and Passover.