They lie and lie and lie

There are a ton of con men and women in our midsts. You have to keep your eyes and ears open so you aren't suckered in. 

They lie and lie and lie until many believe their own lies. 

And there are two categories where these scammers seem to proliferate. The first is the Internet marketing guru crowd and the second, I not so affectionately call the "woo-woo clan." (You know, the new age wackos who can't rub two nickels together but love to talk about "manifesting" amongst other things.)

The scary thing is how many people fall prey to their pitch. As I'm fond of saying, it's easier to sell people when you don't tell the truth of distort it wildly. Heck, even the most sophisticated folks are taken in by these grifters promises of riches and/or spiritual enlightenment. 

Since you're a follower of my work, my guess is you're not a grifter, scammer or con artist. If my assumption is correct, let me tell you something really important…

If you don't have total and complete belief in what you are selling and in your ability to deliver what you promise, then your sales are going to suffer. You see, only con-men can sell something they don't believe in. But here's where it gets tricky…

You need to believe with all your heart and soul in your product or service and in yourself. Oftentimes, the latter is more difficult. This a deep and important topic I'm going to talk more about tomorrow but for now, simply ask yourself. "Do I truly believe in what I'm selling?"

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Gifters Be Damned" Dee

P.S. Remember that selling is a transference of emotion. Your belief in your product or service has a major impact on how much you sell. I have sold a TON (well over one million dollars worth) of the "Magnetic Marketing System & Toolkit" because I know without a shred of doubt it works. Buying this program and implementing it, turned my life and business around. If YOU don't own this, you should. You can get all the details here.