There’s not much worse than bad sushi


I’m sitting at the airport waiting to fly to CA for some fun in Carmel with the wife.

Yesterday was our third anniversary, and our “romantic” celebration was to bring the kids to a sushi joint around the corner from our house. (This was Karen’s idea, just for the record.)

There is a GREAT sushi place about 25 minutes away, but we still need to pack, so we chose the closer option. Bad choice.

It sucked…bad. There is not much worse than raw fish that doesn’t taste good. Gross to the maximus. Mind you, it wasn’t that it was spoiled, it was just lousy, and the service was sub-par, to say the least. (When you ask the difference between three of the sake choices and your waitress answers that one of them “comes in blue bottle” you know you’re not at high class joint.)

Anyway, I left completely unsatisfied. The question for you is that do your audience’s leave unsatisfied after your presentation or worse, with your product or service?

There is a saying that “good enough is good enough.” I say “maybe.” Yes, there does come the point that incremental improvement has diminishing returns. On the other hand, “good enough” means exactly that. Some folks use it to deliver crap. Their presentations aren’t well thought out and, like the sushi place, their delivery is subpar.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Bad Sushi Hater” Dee