The Terminator and Selling

I had the unfortunate experience of going to see the new Terminator movie last week with my youngest stepson, his friend and Karen.

Good Lord, I couldn't have been anymore bored.

Karen tells me I am a movie snob (and a food snob) and maybe I am. I just don't like to spend waste time on mindless drivel that doesn't move me emotionally in any way. 

And therein lies an important message when it comes to one-to-many selling whether in person or via online media. You must engage people's emotions if you expect them to buy. 

Why do so many financial advisors, chiropractors or anyone who does "workshops" or "dinner meetings" fail so miserably to get people to make appointments after their talk? Why do folks who have good products or services get lackluster results when they do webinars?

Truth is, there are many reasons but one chief reason is… They are BORING. They give a dissertation on facts and figures and  features and benefits – but they do not make the audience FEEL anything.

You want to take your audience on an emotional journey with you that includes, fear, anger, happiness, love, etc. The more emotions you make them feel, the more you will sell.

Tomorrow, I'm going to share with you a super-powerful and easy way to do this.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Movie Snob" Dee

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