The easiest way to make more sales…

Last night I go out on  date with a woman who I believe is 27 years old. Now that is kind of young for me but I’m definitely not looking for a serious relationship now, so what the heck. Well, we’re eating dinner and she says that she needs to tell me something but she doesn’t want to tell me. Of course, now I am intrigued and ask her to “fess up.” She says, “I didn’t want to tell you this because if I did, I thought you wouldn’t want to go out with me. I’m actually only 23 years old.”

Holy guacamole, Batman! I am twice her age!

(Now before I get mean comments, remember I did not know her age before we went out!)

Anyway, she is a salesperson and I asked her if she knew what the “puppy dog” close was.  She did not so I’ll explain it to you.

The easiest way to make more sales is with “puppy dog” close. A man brings his son to the pet store and the little boy wants a dog. The Dad can’t decide so the store owner suggests that they bring the dog home…for free…over the weekend and then decide. Obviously you know the rest of the story!

You can do the same thing. A try before you buy offer will almost always increase your sales. We have tested this out
in our business and it works great.

The argument against the try before you buy is that your returns go way up and, of course, the rip off factor…people not paying  and keeping the product. But the bottom line is ,this all comes down to math. And, in most cases, the increase in sales far outweighs the refunds and rip offs.

Here’s the thing: My fundamental belief is that the great majority of of people are honest and that if you deliver a good product, they’ll pay you for it. In fact, I know that is true.

Wanna know how many people have returned or not paid for the product we have a try before you buy offer on? You guessed it, zero.

How can you use this strategy in your business?

Okay, I’ve gotta do my daily yoga practice – need to keep up my youthful appearance you know. 🙂

Your comments are welcome.

Kick butt, make mucho dee-nero!

~Dave Dee

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