The D.C. Phenomenon And What It Means To You

I am a long suffering Miami Dolphins fan.

The team looked abysmal over the first three games and got blown out in two of them. They were so bad they fired their coach during the season and promoted little-known linebackers coach Dan Campbell to the top position.

In just one week after he was made interim head coach, Campbell totally transformed the Dolphins from a team going through the motions to a team on fire, playing harder than ever and destroying their last two opponents.

So what did Campbell do to create this stunning turnaround? He really couldn’t change the playbook that much, he certainly couldn’t get new players – no, he changed the culture of the team. He motivated the players, lit a fire under them and got them to believe in themselves and their ability to succeed.

The players bought into his message and are responding with incredible passion.

There are two lessons for you here:

  1. If you’re not getting the results you desire in your business or your life, it might be time for you to change your internal culture by working on your inner game. There is no doubt that the inner game of selling is more important than technique.
  2. You need to change the culture of your audience if you want to sell to them. You need to motivate them, light a fire under them and get them to believe that they can get the results they desire. You must get them to buy into your message.

My Dolphins have a tough game on Thursday when they visit the dreaded and oh-s0-good New England Patriots. But win or lose, Dan Campbell will make sure they leave it all on the field. Are you really doing the same?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Let’s Go Dolphins” Dee