What you’ve been taught is WRONG

A lot of people are teaching this and lot of people are making a killing selling software to help you accomplish this but there is a problem…

It’s wrong.

I’m talking about webinars, specifically putting your webinars on autopilot.

In the old days, in order to sell one to many, you had to gather a group of people in a room and speak to them. This, by the way is still the best way to sell to groups. It beats the pants off of webinars.

Then came webinars which allows us to reach the masses without ever leaving our house. At first, these webinars were all done live and then came, automated webinars.

The tech got so good on these, that you could fool people into believing that the webinar was live. Comments would appear as if people were watching and responding live. You could make it appear that a whole slew of people were attending live. Really cool stuff, to be sure.

But, aside from the ethical problem with this there is a selling problem as well.

While it’s true that automating your webinar has major advantages, it also hurts sales. Whenever I have done a webinar live, it outpulls the replay, even if people think the replay is live.

When you do a webinar live, you can really interact with the people watching. You can call them by name, you can get their responses, and you can answer their questions. All of which results in more sales.

Another huge benefit is that the more you do your presentation, they better it becomes. You will continually improve your pitch by doing it live and therefore make more sales.

I am NOT saying that there isn’t a place for recorded webinars. What I am saying is if you have a core presentation selling your core product or service, do that webinar live everytime.

Yes, that means more work for you. Yes, that means that you won’t have it available 24/7 for people to watch whenever they want.

But, it also means your sales will increase.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Live” Dee

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