All the talk about “purpose” is horse pucky

Let’s get something straight, kemosabe:

You have only one purpose when speaking to sell whether that’s on stage or online.

It’s to SELL.

You are not there to motivate or inspire – unless it leads to the sale.

You are there to give great value – unless it leads to the sale.

You are not there to get a standing ovations – these actually deter the sale.

You are not there to be the “highest-rated” speaker on the program.

As an aside, when I was working for GKIC one of the former execs was obsessed with speaker ratings and feedback. I remember one time I closed close to $200,000 from the stage in 75 – minutes but she got some negative feedback about my presentation from a handful of attendees and was very concerned. I reminded her that I was, once again, the highest selling speaker by a longshot – didn’t matter to her.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t deliver a good presentation with valuable content but if you get confused at all about what your real purpose is, you’re one dead, poor duck.

Hey, I’m known for delivering valuable content in my presentations BUT believe you me, that content is always designed to SELL whatever it is I’m selling.

Again, don’t get me wrong, different presentations have different purposes and not all are designed to “get the check.” For example, later today I’m doing a free “customers only” training. There is nothing for people to buy. I am rewarding folks who took out their wallet and invested in one of my products or services.

I am talking about knowing that your purpose, when stepping out on stage to sell, whether that stage is real or an online platform, is to walk out with bags full of money or an appointment book filled to the gills with consultations.

Get the check, baby. Get the check.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “He Speatheth The Truth” Dee

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