I tagged you but you didn’t respond

Yesterday morning the wife and I are in bed sipping our morning coffee and she asked me if I would make homemade ramen. (I’m the cook in the Dee household.)

I tell her that I’d need to look up a recipe because I have no idea how to make that and she replies with, “I found a recipe on Facebook and tagged you but you didn’t respond.”

Good, lord what has this world come to?

Facebook is not a great mode of communication for me. For others it’s excellent. If she emailed me the recipe, I would have seen it. If she PRINTED the recipe, handed it to me and asked me to make it, she’d slurping up ramen as we speak.

YOU need to communicate with your prospects in way THEY wanted to be communicated in.

In my Psychic Sales course, I  identify the 4 major personality types, how to recognize which type your prospect is and how to communicate with each type. That’s very cool when it comes to selling one to one but what if you’re selling via a webinar or speaking live before an audience?

The secret is simple: Structure your presentation so you appeal to ALL personality styles.  For example, parts of your presentation need to appeal to Mr. Analytical as well as Mr. Fun Loving.

What most people do, regardless of the selling scenario, is present in ONE communication style which is their own. So if they are a Mr. Boss personality type, they communicate only in a way that appeals to to that type. If they are Mr. Get Along With The Crowd, their sales presentation is geared toward that type.

Remember this: You need to communicate your message to your audience in the way they want to hear it…especially if you want a bowl of delicious, hot ramen.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Soon To Be King of Ramen” Dee

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