Super quick email from my bed

Yes, I know I’m in bed and it’s only 8:20 but I am fried and ready to go to sleep. My criss crossing the country over the past three weeks has taken it’s toll.

I am glad to be in Orlando though because I’m meeting with my mastermind group. This group is comprised of a  bunch of smart dudes  who I can count on for solid personal and business advice.

One of my friends, Roberto, laid this sage piece of advice on me just a few minutes ago:

Don’t make assumptions about what people will buy or their ability and willingness to pay.

I have what I call my Elite Private Client program which costs a substantial chunk of change each month. The first time I presented my client immediately replied “yes.”

Sometimes our biggest obstacle for getting higher fees is what goes on in our heads.

Night, night.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Sleepy” Dee