Why I spend 6 days doing this and why you should too

I’m tired because of the lousy sleep I had in the airport hotel room.

I’ve been away from my family now for four days.

I’ve got my computer in my lap, sitting in the airport waiting to fly home.

And I pay to do this three times a year and it’s worth it so worth it.

I’m talking about the mastermind group I belong to. This consists of a group of entrepreneurs who kicking butt, want to do better and want to help the other members do better. It’s an amazing and profitable experience.

I always walk away from this meeting with a notebook full of ideas and a better man.

If you don’t belong to a group like this, you need to. It can help you grow very quickly and give you the support you need – and you do need support.

Here is a cool quote that I wrote down from my meeting that one of my friends shared. It come from Peter Teal, “What do you want to accomplish in 10 years? What would you have to do to accomplish that in 6 months?”

Gets ya thinking, doesn’t it?

If you’re not in a group, get your sweet self in one.

Have a great weekend.

Dave “Mastermind” Dee