Some people stop at the wrong point

Some people stop to early while other's, the perfectionists, wait to long to stop.

As Ricky would say, "You've got some 'splain' to do, Dave."

This week, I finished the first draft of script for a four video launch GKIC is doing in August. It was a bear of a project and came in at 31 pages. 

As much of a relief it is to have it completed – I know there is still mucho work ahead. I will edit and revise it two more times. 

Some people who write sales presentations are so happy to be done, that they don't go back and revise. When I'm asked to critique them, it is painfully obvious. 

In the editing process of anything, you should be looking cut out the fat and clarify the points your are trying to make. Cut, cut, clarify.

On the other hand, there are people who OVER edit and try to make their presentation perfect. I can tell you from experience that the ONLY way to do a near perfect presentation is to actually DO it over and over and over.

Best you do a little bit of editing and then get out there and give it whirl.

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Have a great weekend and, as always…

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "The Editor" Dee