Sitting In The Pouring Rain

Are meteorologists for real? I think they just flip a coin for their forecasts.

On Saturday, the wife and I are driving to Chastain Park Amphitheater, an outdoor concert venue, to see one of my favorite performers, Melissa Etheridge.

We had been checking the weather reports all day. There was no rain in sight. There was only one slight problemo… we were in the middle of thunder and lightning storm.

The show was delayed by an hour and when they finally opened the gates, it was still pouring. Because of local sound ordinances, the show had to start almost immediately after people were let in because it had to end on time.

So as we and almost everyone else was taking their seats, Melissa started performing. More than half the seats were still empty and umbrellas were in full force but Melissa rocked it as if she was in a packed stadium. By the end of her set, she had everyone standing and cheering.

She gave it her all despite the circumstances. That’s what a pro does even though it’s not easy.

When you are doing a presentation and not a lot of people show up, whether live or on the Internet it requires much more energy to perform well than it does when you have a packed house.

But, if you’re a pro, you kick-ass anyway for three reasons:

First, because the people who did show up, deserve your best.

Second, if you’re selling something , your sales are going to suffer if you don’t perform at the highest level.

Third, is for the love of the craft. Every time you speak, it gives you the opportunity to practice your technique and perfect your performance. Melissa loves and has a passion for what she does. It doesn’t matter the size of the audience, she is going to go full out for the love of it.

Ask yourself today, regardless of what you’re doing, “Am I giving it my all? Am I being a rockstar?”

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Melissa Rocks” Dee