Shocking News…kinda

In a few hours from now, I’ll be taking the stage the InfoSummit.

It’s kind of weird for me being a guest speaker at this event but the shocking news is that I’m not charged with selling six-figures worth of a product. Rather, GKIC flew me in to teach.

But here’s the thing, kemosabe, even though I might not be hard closing, I will be selling and so are you every day of of your life.

In one way or another you’re selling your philosophy, what you believe to be true, your ideas and yes, your products or services.

Getting good at persuasion and influence is one of the keys for living life on your terms and for helping those around you.

A lot of people don’t like selling because they think of it in terms of the used car salesman stereotype. Or worse, they think they shouldn’t have to sell because of their status and feel that selling is somehow “beneath” them.

But the fact is, learning how to sell well is one of the majors in life and something you need to get good at.

And you know what? It can be a heck of a lot of fun and extremely profitable, when you learn to do it right.

So if you want to give yourself an instant pay raise and get more of what you want in life, then join me for a free online training I’m doing next Wednesday where I will share with you my Psychic Sales methodology.

You will learn strategies you can apply immediately in your business and personal life.

Yes, I will be giving you actual word for word scripts, hypnotic language patterns and more during the live training.

Also, since this is live, you’ll be able to ask me questions about your specific business.

To get all this goodness, all you need to do is get your sweet self over here and reserve your spot.

Have a great weekend and, as always…

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “I love selling” Dee