Selling Your Ideas or Philosophy

Tonight at 5:00 ET, I’m doing a live video training about how to ramp up an information marketing business to six figures in just six weeks.

I’m not selling a product or a service. In fact, NOTHING is for sale – except an idea that I want people to get excited about.

Sometimes when you’re doing a one to many presentation, your objective is to simply convince your audience that your idea or strategy is the correct one.

To do this, you use basically the same structure I teach for selling a product or a service.

You must first get people excited about what you’re going to tell them by painting a picture of a better future. Tonight, you’ll see how I do this by telling my personal story and then by giving a case study of a private client of mine.

After you get them excited, you then need to teach them how they can make that future a reality. I like to do this is a step-by-step format. People appreciate that and it provides a lot of value.

Your close is not to get them to run to the back of the room to buy but rather to take action on what you just taught them by taking the next step. You need to define what that next step in the process is.

Tonight, the next step for my audience is to register for an more in-depth training I’m doing at the end of the month. (Note: This is training is also free.)

If you watch, you will see how I “sell” the next training and give a very clear call to action.

Even if you have no interest in information marketing, you should consider watching if you ever need to get in front of a group of people and sell them on your ideas.

Hop on over here and reserve your spot.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “I Love Infomarketing” Dee