The secret to seduction (clients, women, whatever)

Today I’m going to conclude our three part series about “Dave’s Adventures In Dating” and how it relates to selling lots of your stuff.

In episode one, we discussed attraction – how to get you hottest “prospects” to raise their pretty hands and show that they’re interested in you.

In episode two, I shared with you how to use “mind control” to make your prospects have great feelings towards you.

In our final episode, I’m going to share with you the art of seduction which leads to closing the sale.

To begin our little saga, we must fast-forward to date #3. “But what about date #2,” you cry! I can’t reveal all my secrets here, my young friend.

Date 3 was always at my home. If you remember, the setup for this in date numero uno. Are you setting up your close right from the beginning of your presentation.

My new lady friend would come over to my home for the “best homemade Italian” food she would ever have. For the record, I served the exact same meal, the exact same way, every time for every date. Do you have a sales system in place that you and/or your salespeople follow consistently?

After I gave my date a “tour” of my home. I explained the dinner and that their was a wine paring. Most women had heard of this but had never actually experienced it. I would then pour her a glass of Prosecco and invite her into the kitchen while I finished preparing the first course.

Naturally, I could have had this prepared ahead of time BUT I wanted her to see me in action. I wanted her to see my mastery via a demonstration. How are you showing your mastery to your prospects? How can you add demonstration to your presentation?

The rest of the meal was beautifully choreographed right down to the grating of the fresh Parmesan-Reggiano in front of her over her pasta. The entire experience was designed to show mastery, control and to seduce. And it worked like magic. Are your sales presentations choreographed to elicit the emotional responses you desire?

Because I’m not only a scholar but a gentleman as well, I won’t go into further details about the rest of the evening but here’s a key point:

I created an extremely memorable and unique experience for my dates like no other dude had ever gavin them. The big question is, are you giving your prospects a unique, enjoyable buying experience or are you just like every other butcher, baker or candlestick maker trying to close the sale?

Just improving the choreography of your sales presentation, will automatically increase your closing percentage and put more money in your pocket. Seduce ’em, baby. Seduce ’em.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Tonight’s The Night” Dee

P.S. I once had a wealthy single man fly his private plane  to Atlanta for a day of consulting so I could teach him my dating system. He went back home and implemented it and was stunned to see how well it worked…especially date #3. Although I’m not doing that type of consulting, if you’re interested in a day of consulting that will transform your sales presentations and/or sales funnels, apply here:

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