Scary photo enclosed

If you are easily frightened, I recommend you not read this because you are about to see a very frightening photo.






Okay, don't say I didn't warn you.


Here is your humble servant on the set of a recent video shoot wearing the infamous, X-ray Specs. Do you remember X-ray Specs? If you're a dude, my guess is you do. 

Here is the ad that was run in the back of comic books:

x-ray specs

You have to love the copy, "Look at your friend. Is that really the body you see under his clothes?" HIS clothes. LOL. I guess that was the politically correct thing to write but there is no dude I know of who bought the glasses for that purpose. I know I sure didn't when I sent in my dollar!

This is a rather crude example of the secondary benefit that is the actual unstated emotional trigger that's gets someone to buy and was the reason every boy actually bought the product. This ad would have been ineffective without the illustration of the woman.

In later ads, there was ONLY the illustration of the woman in more graphic, albeit mild, detail. My guess is this ad did not perform as well because it was too overt. A kid could justify wanting the glasses so he could look at the bones in his hand. Obviously that wasn't the real reason he bought.

When I sold my original Psychic Salesperson course, I subliminally added in the secondary benefit of sex. Yep, you read that correctly. The not overtly mentioned benefit of buying my course was that you could use the persuasion and influence techniques in your personal life as well. 

This is advanced stuff, mi amigo and you really need to think it through. (In my updated course which is slated to come out soon, I go through this in detail.) 

What is the secondary benefit that actually might be the REAL reason your prospect buys your product or service?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "X-ray Spec Man" Dee