Cops End Up Saving A Sex Doll

Let’ start our day with a little levity and a quick lesson.

Huffington Post had a story about Amsterdam police officers who saw through a window, what they thought was a lifeless woman.

After kicking down the door, they discovered that the “woman” was actually a blowup doll.

What does this have to do with making more sales and your sales presentations?

Simply this: Everything is not always what it seems especially when it comes down to your prospects’ objections. Oftentimes during a sales presentation, your prospect will raise an objection that isn’t actually the real reason they are hesitating to buy.

Here’s how you get down to the heart of the matter and uncover your prospect’s real objection.

After a prospect raises an objection, you want to isolate it by doing so, you can discover whether it is the real reason for the prospect not moving ahead or if there are other reasons. You do this by simply asking, “Mr. Prospect other than (insert the objection the prospect has told you) is there anything else that would prevent you from getting this now?”

Oftentimes, this question will uncover what the real sales objection is. For example, the prospect says, “I’m not sure now is the right time for me to do this?” Your response is, “Other than you not being sure that this is the right time, is there anything else that would prevent you from going ahead? The prospect might then say, “Well, it’s really that this is more expensive than I thought it would be.”

In the above scenario, the prospect actually has two sales objections that you need to handle. In many cases, the second objection your prospect gives you will be the actual thing preventing them from buying now. Either way, you now know what you need to overcome to make the sale.

By following this simple formula, you avoid the dreaded situation in your sales presentation where you need to handle one objection after another. If that is actually the case, you’re probably in front of the wrong prospect.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Funny Story” Dee