REALLY bad advice from an “expert”

Good Lord, there is really, really bad advice in Internet land that will cost you DEEnero if you follow it.

The problemo is that everyone and their mother can look like an expert on almost any topic they choose. In days gone by, it was much more difficult for someone to attain “guru” status. That’s not to imply that there weren’t any fraudsters in the “good old days”  but rather, that the Internet makes it easier to become one.

In my Facebook feed, there was an “expert” giving advice on selling in webinars. She said that you’re not a professional unless you offer a replay for people who couldn’t make it.

Geez, I thought selling $292,356.36, $125,000 and  $220,048 from a live online presentation would qualify me as an expert on the topic but I guess not because I didn’t offer a replay. I wonder how much the “real expert” has actually sold.

Here’s the truth;

By offering replays of your webinar or live online event, you are training your prospects that they don’t have to attend live. Guess what, most will NOT watch the replay. All you have done is helped your prospect procrastinate.

Here’s the other thing: Your sales will be significantly lower on a replay than on a live broadcast. There are a lot of reasons for this.

The big takeaway for you here is not whether to do replays or not to do them. It’s about training your prospects and customers.

I remember the first time I bought a product online from marketing legend John Reese. He clearly stated what the deadline was and that the offer would go away after the deadline.

I had been trained by other online marketers that deadlines weren’t real, so I procrastinated and thought to myself “I’ll just get it tomorrow.”

Well, tomorrow came, I went to order and I got a page that said, “Sorry, this offer is no longer available.”

I was bummed but you know what?

The next time Reese made and offer with a deadline, I jumped on it immediately. He had trained me to buy when he told me to buy.

Be careful who you take advice from, kemosabe. There are a lot of false prophets out there.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Bad Advice Exposer” Dee