Q&A That’ll Make You Mucho DEEnero

I received a lot of great questions from subscribers yesterday and naturally I can't answer them all but I picked out a handful of them that you should know the answers to because they'll help you put more DEEnero in your coffers. 

So with any further ado…

Q: What's best way to structure content and give some info away but also hold some back and have a clean transition to a close?

A: Awesome question. I teach a number of ways to do this but one of the best is to tell people what to do but not how to do it. By the way, this is giving valuable content because most people don't even know what to do, which is the starting point. A simple transition to the close is, "Now you're probably wondering, 'How can I get this done?'". 

Q: Do you memorize every sentence in a presentation.

A: The short answer is "no." However, I do memorize the opening and the close nearly word for word. Both are mission critical to the success of your presentation. In a perfect world, I would memorize a complete script, word for word. But in the selling situations I'm in, there simply isn't enough time AND many of my presentations are one offs. Later this week, I'll be giving you the method of how to practice and rehearse your sales presentations.

Q: Where can I learn how to create sales presentations like the way you do?

A: First is by reading my daily messages. They contain a lot of valuable tips. Naturally, I'm not going to give away the farm for free but I do have a killer product that teaches you everything you need to know and gives you the templates you need to do it easily. I'll be releasing it soon. 

Q: How much content per slide on a webinar?

A: Seriously good question. Whether it's a webinar or an in person presentation, you want to have more images than you do words on your slides. Images convey emotions. The old, "A picture is worth a thousand words" is especially true here. I like to have no more than three bullets points per slide. This is not a rule set in stone though. Depending on the slide, I might have more words BUT the key takeaway is to have more pictures and less words.

Q: What is the proper way to use negative emotional triggers in a presentation? How to use it being sure it doesn't repel the prospect? 

A: You want to use a lot of pain in your presentation and really dig in the knife. You need to agitate your audience and in some cases anger them. Pain in great motivating force. Remember, the reason someone is going to buy their product or service is to solve a problem. There are a number of sophisticated techniques I use to accomplish this but you need to balance the pain with pleasure. You do this by painting a vivid picture of how life will be so much better after they buy your product or service.

This question is so good, Im going to go more in depth about it tomorrow.

Kick butt, make mucho "DEEnero!"

Dave "Dear Abby" Dee

P.S. I got a bunch of questions about marketing, while I have a lot of expertise in this area (a LOT), this Q&A was all about selling, If you want to learn more about marketing, you should definitely hop onboard the train to Freeville and check out the great offer here