Proof Positive That The Intensive Will Rock Your World

One of the most rewarding and fun experiences so far this year was the first Intensive I did in my home in the spring.

I loved working so closely with the four, highly motivated entrepreneurs in that video. We got a TON of important work done including rebuilding presentations, creating a new business from scratch, creating marketing funnels and on and on.

Everyone came with an agenda, and EVERYONE left having accomplished EVERYTHING. (Yes, the event did live up to its intensive title, but it was a blast.)

I decided to do one more this year on October 17th and 18th. It will again be in the conference room we built in our home, and it’s limited to four people total.

Important, there are only three spots left. One of my customers already reserved a spot.

If you are interested, and you’d like more information, send me an email to me with the subject line “Intensive Info Please.” 

Click here to send me an email now.

I will send you detailed information immediately.