Profiting from your inner David Copperfield

What are your magic powers, Kemosabe?

That’s an important question…check that…a vital question for you to answer.

The late, great Gary Halbert had what he called his “clicks on the dial.” These were a short list of his “go to” solutions for any marketing problem one of his clients could have.

My friend and genius marketer, Frank Kern, calls them his “bag of tricks.”

Smart entrepreneurs, make a list of their magical powers. Really smart and the most successful entrepreneurs figure out what their SINGLE greatest magic power is.

This is the big RESULT your “clicks on the dial” or “bag of tricks” achieves for your customers, client, subscriber or member.

Here is the precise question to answer that will help you define your greatest magic power:

What do you do that your prospects find so amazing that they would walk across broken glass to find the secret to?

Mine is:” I design and deliver online events that produce huge paydays for my clients and, in some cases, sell more of their products or services or convert more free trial users into paid subscribers, in one day than they currently do all year.”

One of the ways I fulfill on my single greatest magical power, is by determining what my clients magic power is and only designing online events for people who can really deliver.

Here’s where most entrepreneurs screw this up:

They think about what they think their prospects want their magical power to be instead of what their magic power actually is. This error results in their customers getting unsatisfactory results and the entrepreneur struggling to get business.

So, what is your single greatest greatest magic power?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Magic Man” Dee