Overhyped, under performing

Last night I ate at what was supposedly one of Atlanta’s best restaurants.

When I arrived for my 7:15 reservations, I was told they were running 15-20 minutes behind schedule. Hmm, I thought I had made a reservation but okay.

We finally walk through the packed and noisy restaurant to our table.

The wine we ordered, as our waiter suggested, was great but then things started going downhill.

Our ostrich appetizer came to us cold. We sent it back. A few minutes later it’s replacement came to the table and it was…cold.

The main courses were just, meh. Not bad mind you but not spectacular and not worth the price. (And anyone who knows me knows I will pay exorbitant prices for fine dining.)

I won’t be going back.

So what they heck does my restaurant review have with anything to do with selling?

There are so many people, especially on the Internet who are selling overpriced, over-hyped products that fail to deliver. It’s really easy these days to create a false “buzz” about the latest and greatest product release. It’s easy to manipulate people, get them excited and get them to buy into the dream you’re selling.

What’s sad is how many of the products fail to deliver the results they promise. Sure, some of this failure has to do with buyers not taking any action or not following instructions BUT, in many cases, only the marketing was great and the actual product is subpar.

Our responsibility as people who sell stuff is to make sure that what we’re selling delivers what we promise if our customer used it. Better still is to plan to over-deliver. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about that.

Kick butt and make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Restaurant Critic” Dee

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