Outstanding Advice From Tony Robbins

I was listening to a Tony Robbins program yesterday and he asked his audience, “If you do a poor job, what type of results do you get?” His audience answered, “Poor results.” He corrected them and said, “You actually get no results.”

He then asked if you do a “good” job what type of results do you get. The audience correctly answer, “poor results.”

Tony then said that you must become “excellent” and asked if you become excellent, what type of rewards do you get. Almost everyone answered “excellent rewards.” But the real answer was that you only get “good” rewards.

Haven’t you done an excellent job at something but were disappointed with the results even though the results are good? If you answered “yes” it’s because you know that you could have done better, that you could have performed at the next level.

Robbins says that the next level is to do an “outstanding” job and when you do this, you get all the rewards.  What’s exciting is that doing an “outstanding” job only requires a little bit more effort than just doing an excellent job.

So what can you do TODAY to raise your standards so you are outstanding today?

I am conducting the Platinum Information Marketing Mastermind group today and tomorrow for GKIC. In order for me to take my performance from excellent to outstanding, I will keep my energy level super-high, be more fully present with the members and focus on giving very direct, truthful guidance.

Make a commitment to be outstanding today. You’ll love the way you feel.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Let’s Be Outstanding” Dee