Off to see the wizard/be the wizard

The excitement is building.

In less than 90 minutes I will be hitting the stage to kick off the GKIC annual SuperConference. Our theme this year is is magic (I wonder who came up with that) and the celebrity speaker is Penn from Penn & Teller. 

In addition to emceeing the extravaganza- which is not as easy as it looks – I'm also doing for main presentations. Two of which are pure content and two where I am selling something.

Whoa, there Uncle Dave, what did you just say?

Yep, intentionally made the  classic mistake of thinking I was not selling something just because I wasn't asking for money. (I say "intentionally" because I never make real mistakes. Ahem.)

Every time you do a presentation, whether it's on stage before hundreds, online before thousands or at the dinner table with your kids, you are engaged in the art of influence and persuasion even if you're not selling a product or service. Many times, you ae selling a philosophy, your belief system or selling people on themselves – which is one of the most important sales you can make.

I follow the same template I use to create "non-selling" presentations as I do to create presentations that ask for money. I use all the same techniques and strategies because I'm always selling something just as you are and every presentation is important.

It's time for me to start my pre-show routine which includes a bit a Yoga and meditation. It's all part of my wizardly duties.

Make it a great day and as always…

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Mr. Wizard" Dee

P.S. It's a thrill be running the GKIC show. 19 years ago I was dead broke sitting in an audience listening to a guy named Dan Kennedy talk about Magnetic Marketing. Now I'm here. Very cool. Here is the what started it all.