You need to nail these two areas

I’m going to be super-brief today because I’m flying to Chicago for the “Total Business Growth Accelerator” live training I’m doing tomorrow night.

When I practice tomorrow, I will be focusing on two main parts of the presentation: The opening and the close.

If you don’t nail these two parts of your webinar or live online presentation, your sales are going to suffer big time.

Stumble with your opening and people will be gone faster than a toupe in a hurricane. You’ve got to grab your audience’s attention if you have any shot at keeping them watching.

The clos is, well,  the close. Without that, there’s no reason to do the presentation. I script this out word for word. Ad libbing is not a good idea at this most crucial part of your presentation.

Here’s a tip: Record your close and then listen to it over and over again. This is not a substitute for actually practicing it aloud in front of a mirror but definitely helps.

Most people won’t take the necessary steps to make their online event successful and that’s why they get mediocre or poor results.

Practice your opening and close your sales will go up.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Gotta Run” Dee

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