Most people don’t understand this

Your fearless leader has been knee deep writing sales scripts for what is planned to be a million dollar launch happening in August.

I wrote the scripts for and filmed the videos months ago but there are lead gen emails to write and the video sales letter to write and record.

Even if you never do a a product launch, there are key principles that apply to any one to many sales scenario. 

First is that you need to be working from a script. That's how pros do it.

Second is what goes into your script. You MUST make a list of ALL of the emotional reasons someone will buy your product and incorporate ALL of them into your presentation. This what most people don't understand and why they fail. 

Some of these reasons go beyond surface level benefits and  these are the most the powerful persuaders. For a lot of what I sell, those benefits include power, control and freedom.

Those reasons are the real drivers of the sale – but only if they are part of the presentation.

Third, you've got to get people to show up for your one to many sales event. No audience = no sales. If you want to learn how to generate leads, read this report.

Tomorrow, I'll be recording slew of videos that ALL need to contain one major element. I'll tell what that is, manana.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Hemmingway" Dee