Million Dollar Quintuplet Email Strategy

Yesterday, Uncle Dave talked about the three elements that go into makingwebinars, teleseminars and in-person presentations a success.

Today, because I'm a sweetheart of a guy, I'm going to tell you how to promote your event  -'cause if you don't get people to watch it, you're not selling anything.

By the way, this little ole strategy is responsible for MILLIONS of dollars worth of sales. I taught this at one of my Platinum Infomarketing Mastermind Meetings and Dr. Dustin Burleson used it to CRUSH it on webinar to the the tune of over 200K.  It works.

Here 'tis…

Let's assume your webinar is on a Thursday:

Email #1 goes out on Friday. It's only purpose is to tease the upcoming event. There is no registration link. It simply builds anticipation.

Email #2 goes out on Monday. This is a full blown email that sells the reader on registering for the webinar. It includes a hot title, bullet points and a call to action.

Email #3 goes out on Tuesday. This is crazy-easy. You simply tell people that the spots for your event are filling up and that they need to register. You then simply reprint email #1 in its entirety.

Email #4 goes out on Wednesday and answers objections that someone might have for not registering for the event. 

Email #5 goes out on Thursday and is a "last chance to register" email.

BOOM! You're done.

If you write these correctly you will have QUALIFIED peeps watching your webinar. (My actual fill in the blank templates are going to be included in my course coming out in the fall so writing these will be a no-brainer for you.)

Here's da rub though: You need need to have built a list for this to work. Although I know how to do it, I don't teach lead generation because there are folks who are better at it than me. One of them is Dan Kennedy.

Here is a link to a killer introductory course on his Magnetic Marketing. Go through it and  if you think it'll help you in your business, click on the special link at the end of the course I've set up for you. You'll save $200 off the list price.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Email Maestro" Dee