Mickey is sleeping and I should be too

Evening, my friend.

I’m writing to you from my hotel room at the Hyatt in Orlando.

Yesterday, I rocked it on stage closing 25% of the room on my Psychic Sales System & Toolkit. The audience was outstanding and played full out. (If you’ve ever seen me speak live, people usually don’t sit and quietly take notes.

One of the messages I really hammered home was that the folks in the audience had to really understand the impact what they did had on people’s lives.

These people were tax resolution specialists but regardless of the product or service you’re selling, you have to really feel and comprehend the benefits and outcomes your customers receive when they buy from you.

I’m not talking about surface level stuff. I’m talking about you truly understanding how you make your clients’ lives better.

If you really feel this and really understand this intellectually and emotionally, you will sell more stuff and you will sell harder because you will know in your gut how your product is going to help people. The passion YOU feel about what you do, has a direct impact on your sales.

Okay, it’s getting late. Time for me to do a little reading and go to sleep.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Dave “Sleepless in Orlando” Dee

P.S. Next week is exciting – especially if you ever want to start an online information marketing business. More details with be forthcoming.