My meeting with an 85-year old sales SUPERSTAR (A must read)

I had the coolest conversation yesterday with an AMAZING woman.


I’m in Monterey, CA with Karen’s family for a wedding. Last night I started talking to Sheila and discovered that she was a retired realtor. Her husband, Gerry of over 54  years, quickly spoke up and said, “And she sold over 700 homes.”  

WHAAAAT? Say, again. 700 homes!

Sheila had a stroke but she is still very sharp, and when we started to talk about sales, she lit up and became animated. She regaled me with story after story including the “Naked Prospect.” That’s a story for another day.

Since I was in the presence of sales royalty, I asked her how she became so successful. Her answers were simple and yet profound.

First, she LOVED selling because every day she felt she was going to make a new friend and help them. She got it. Selling is about HELPING people. Sheila did not pay lip service to this. She meant it with every fiber of her being.

Second, she always had her clients best interests at heart including telling them that they were not ready to buy a home even though the bank would qualify them.

Her husband, Gerry, did all of the financial aspects of the realistic transaction such as dealing with the banks, lawyers, etc. He would personally go over the client’s finances to make sure that the client could afford the home.

This was at a time where banks were handing out mortgages like candy on Halloween. Get this: When the credit and housing bubble burst, only ONE of her 700 clients homes were foreclosed on.

Sheila and Gerry cared deeply about the well-being of their clients, NOT just in making the sale.

Third, Sheila left the house daily with a positive, upbeat attitude. She made sure she felt good about herself in every way possible before meeting with clients and then went into every listing appointment knowing she was going to close.

I could have talked to this superstar all night long. It’s not often you get to sit at the feet of a master. When you get that opportunity, take full advantage of it.

I will always be grateful for having met this incredible woman who reminded me what an honorable profession selling is when it is done right.

Remember: It only takes one great presentation…

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Humbled By Sheila” Dee

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