Madonna’s failure formula

Springsteen was incredible last night. He and the band play for three hours and fifteen minutes with incredible intensity and passion and fun. He obviously loves what he does and it shows.

Contrast that with Madonna. Now, I admit that I was never a fan but admire her for her promotional and marketing savvy. She’s made a fortune because of it. More power to her.


While The Boss played for over three-hours, Madonna started three hours late for her concert in Atlanta and, apparently did the same thing at two other shows. The arrogance and disrespect she showed her fans is reprehensible.

When you do your presentations do you give it your all? Do you pour your heart and soul into them?  Doing so shows your audience respect and that you care about them. It shows that you are appreciative of the fact that they pay your bills.

Be like Springsteen not like Madonna.

Have a great weekend!

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Boss” Dee