Lost 40 pounds and wrote a book

A few weeks ago, I had a group coaching meeting and one success story not only touched me but inspired me as well.

A “Peak Performers” member took to heart what I taught during the personal development section of the previous meeting. She committed to following through in a big way.

When I saw her at the  current meeting she looked different and for good reason!

She had lost 40 pounds in 90 days! Wow! That’s pretty darn impressive but there was more.

She also finished write a book she had been trying to write for three years.

Her confidence was soaring.

That’s the power of taking your personal development seriously.

You see, she knew how to write the book and she knew how to lose the weight. Knowledge was not the problem. Motivation, commitment and a plan were what was missing.

For a long time, I thought personal development was airy-fairy – and to be honest, a lot of it is. I felt that all I needed was to learn marketing, sales and other “hardcore” business stuff.

The problem with that plan is unless you have the right mindset, you’re going to struggle to continuously take action and do what you know you should do.

The late Jim Rohn said, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

Obviously, this would be a good lead in for me to sell you a personal development product but instead, I’m going to gift you a free report I’ve written titled “The Ultimate Success and Prosperity System That Never Fails.” No opt-in is required. You can download your copy by clicking here.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “I Love Personal Development” Dee